Dog - Dog Training & Car Accessories

Shop online for Moonlight Dog Cafe’s selection of dog training accessories, which are meant to be training aids. These no-pull dog harnesses, dog treat pouches, clickers, and hands-free dog training leashes are to be used in conjunction with a good reward-based positive reinforcement training methods.

We stock harnesses that are comfortable and we DO NOT carry any shock/prong/choke products, nor do we recommend them. For pulling and jumping issues be sure to work with a qualified trainer who can help, and pop in to the store or drop us a line for help on selecting the best dog training accessories to work with. We suggest that no-pull harnesses sit high enough above your dog’s forelimbs. This works to prevent injury that could be caused from running or a change in gait. Dog harnesses in general take the pressure off the dog’s neck and prevent small dogs from getting collapsed trachea or other neck injuries. Best of luck in all your dog training. As a bonus, we offer Canada-wide flat rate shipping on all our products.