Monthly Archive: October 2015

Natural flea remedies for dogs 0

Top 5 best natural flea prevention for dogs & cats.

Flea prevention for dogs and cats As the weather warms up, pet owners are rushing to buy various flea, tick and mosquito treatments for their pets. However, natural flea prevention is essential year round....

pumpkin stops dog diarrhea 0

Benefits of Pumpkin: Tips for quickly stopping dog diarrhea!

Benefits of pumpkin for pet health Thanksgiving is around the corner and there is a lot to be thankful for. Especially when you have loving non-judgmental pets. We also love the pumpkin and turkey...

Dog guarding a toy 0

Resource guarding Dog Training: Simple, effective training if your dog gets aggressive with food or toys

What is Resource Guarding in dogs? We’ve run into a few instances of resource guarding in the store. A dog picks up a toy or treat, another dog approaches and it degenerates into a...

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