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Beyond grain-free pet kibble; Is kibble optimal for your pet’s health?- (PART 1)

What is pet kibble food? Pet kibble food are little dry ‘biscuits’ of dog /cat food made using carbohydrate, meat, sprayed with fat and in most cases, supplemented with synthetic vitamins. Typically grains or in...


Why does my Dog have skin disease and what can I do about it?

Note from Moonlight Dog Cafe Dr. Rehanni sent me this draft for “Why does my Dog have skin disease and what can I do about it?”as part of a 3-piece series we had discussed....

Kibble or dry pet food 0

Vitamin D Toxicity in Dogs & Cats: 2nd Pet Food Recall in early 2019

FDA warning on Vitamin D Toxicity in several pet foods If you haven’t already heard, the FDA warned the public in December of Vitamin D toxicity in several pet foods. Pet foods affected include...

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Mindful Meat: A Consumer’s Guide to consciously choosing Pet Food

10 tips for Consciously Choosing Pet Food to feed your dog or cat Making decisions on what to feed our furred family has never been more complicated. With seemingly endless options, we are faced...


Tips on dealing with the loss of a dog or cat

Dealing with the loss of a dog or cat When we lost Shinji to cancer, we felt lost. He was seemingly healthy one day and then in the course of five days died of cancer....

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Great Tips on Feeding Raw Food Diets for Dogs and Cats

My first encounter with raw food diets There is a lot of confusion about Raw food diets.  Several decades ago when I was just a student at Vet School (yes I am that old,...

How to choose pet food based on what your cat and dog need 2

How to choose pet food. What should be in your pet food- (PART 0)

What are the necessary building blocks in your pet food for optimal health? To understand the necessary building blocks in your pet food for optimal health, we need to start from the basics of...


Pet Insurance 101. Reviewing the best pet insurance in Canada 2019

Get Pet Insurance or bank cash instead for your pet’s health? A conversation with a customer recently spurred us to write on pet insurance. They had a pet insurance monthly premium of over $100. Then...


Why we don’t use chemical spot-on treatments & the best natural flea prevention for dogs and cats

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Flea, Tick, Mosquito Prevention

Flea prevention for dogs and cats As the weather warms up, pet owners are rushing to buy various flea, tick and mosquito treatments for their pets. However, natural flea prevention is essential year round....


Benefits of Pumpkin for dog diarrhea!

Benefits of pumpkin for pet health Thanksgiving is around the corner and there is a lot to be thankful for. Especially when you have loving non-judgmental pets. We also love the pumpkin and turkey...

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