We typically get questions from our customers about what is the best food for their dog or cat.  In order not to oversimplify, we thought of putting together the following blogs that hopefully drowns out the noise on the internet and evaluate the following:

  • Are dogs and cats carnivores? Are dogs omnivores?
  • What are the essential nutrients that dogs and cats need?

We call this the necessary building blocks in pet nutrition for optimal health.

Using the necessary building blocks (nutrients) we’ve just discussed, we use this as a benchmark to evaluate the following things :

– Beyond Grain Free; Is kibble sufficient for your pet’s health?
– How to choose raw pet food? Can you get all these basic goodies from raw food?
– The V-word. Is Veganism for cats and dogs?

This should help you choose the pet food that works best for your dog and cat based on what they need.


Ultimate guide to choosing pet food. What should be in your pet food- (PART 0)

What are the necessary building blocks in your pet food for optimal health? To understand the necessary building blocks in your pet food for optimal health, we need to start from the basics of...

Dog waiting for dog kibble 4

Beyond grain-free pet kibble; Is kibble bad for your dog & cat?- (PART 1)

What is pet kibble food? Pet kibble food are little dry ‘biscuits’ of dog /cat food made using carbohydrate, meat, sprayed with fat and in most cases, supplemented with synthetic vitamins. Typically grains or in...

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