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Carnivora Raw Pet Food carries a wide variety of proteins for their raw food diets for dogs and cats.

Ingredients: Finely ground whole pork carcass.

Pork Diet Nutrition Information:

Moisture                     64.88%

Ash                             2.28%

Fat                              12.39%

Fiber                           0.11%

Protein                       20.77%

Sodium                       0.09%

Phosphorus                0.35%

Potassium                   0.18%

Calcium                      0.43%

Magnesium                0.02%

Sulfur                         0.19%

Copper mg/kg           6.55

Iron mg/kg                36.76

Manganese mg/kg    0.36

Zinc mg/kg                31.79

Gross Energy(kcal/kg)  2335.43

Calories/2oz (56.7g) patty  132.42

Each 2 lb bag contains 16 x 2 oz patties

Keep Frozen. Raw food for dogs and cats made in Canada.

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