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Answers Rewards Fermented Raw Pastured Pig Feet (4 pig feet halves)

Ingredients:Pig feet.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein Min. 16.0%

Crude Fat Min. 12.0%

Crude Fiber Max. 1.0%

Moisture Max. 69.0%

2120 kcals (calories) ME/kg
400 kcals (calories) ME/serving (0.5 foot)

Safe Handling:Keep raw meat feet from other foods. Wash working surfaces, utensils, hands, and any other items that come in contact with raw cheese with hot, soapy water.

Storage:Keep frozen. Thaw in refrigerator or at room temperature in protective bowl or on a plate. Good for 7 days refrigerated.

Always supervise pet while eating raw chicken feet. Raw bones and chews can be a choking hazard if not properly broken down and consumed.