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Eco-Pup Pacific Spirit Waterproof Dog Coats features:

* Reflective tape on the collar for safe walks
* Pocket for important treats or bags
* Velcro closure at the chest and neck
* Harness hole for leash attachment

Find Eco-Pup Pacific Spirit Waterproof dog coats in 3 different colours/patterns: Pink Dots, Aqua, Bicycle.

Eco-pup Pacific Spirit Waterproof jacket for dogs are made from a waterproof PUL fabric shell with an organic cotton flannel lining, which are easy to care for as you can machine wash cold and dry.

What is PUL fabric?
Polyurethane Laminate, or PUL, can be said "P-U-L" or "pull". This laminate-backed fabric was originally developed for the medical community, but it's softness, flexibility and water-proof qualities make it perfect for puppy raincoats. PUL was meant to be autoclaved so it easily tolerates high dryer temperatures and heavy use.

Eco-Pup Canine Apparel Sizing Guidelines:

XS: Neck 8"; Chest 11"; Length 8-10" (Breed Reference: Toy breeds 4lb & under)

S: Neck 9"; Chest 14.5"; Length 11" (Breed Reference: Chihuahua, Papillon, Mini-Dachshund)

M: Neck 12"; Chest 17"; Length 12" (Breed Reference: Jack Russel, Shih Tzu, Maltese)

L: Neck 15"; Chest 22"; Length 14-15" (Breed Reference: Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs, Pugs)

XL: Neck 17"; Chest 24"; Length 18" (Breed Reference: Cocker Spaniels, Bulldogs)

Handmade with love for your best friends in Vancouver, Canada.