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The Angel Sierra Designer Leather Dog Collar is made with an extra layer of padded leather, which will keep your dog as comfortable as can be. A centre D-Ring is present for maximum control and exposure. Made by Angel Pet Supplies in Canada.  

Sizing for Angel Pet Supplies - Angel Sierra Leather Dog Collar

Collar Size       Neck Size             Perfect for most*...

20"                 14 1/2"- 17 1/2"     Collies, Pointers & Similar Breeds

22"                 16 1/2"- 20"     Pit bull Terrier, Retrievers, Boxer & Similar Breeds

24"                 17 1/2"- 22"     Shepherds, Labs, English/American Bulldogs & Similar Breeds

26"                 20"-24"     Rottweiler, Corso & Similar Breeds

28"                 22"-26"    Great Dane, Bull Mastiff & Similar Breeds

* Please note this size chart meant to give a general idea of the collar size in relation to certain breeds because each dog is unique, please measure your dog's neck for perfect fit.