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3P Naturals is raw dog food designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of dogs. This 3P Natural dog raw formula is made up of a balance of organs, meat, bone and veggies (optional in some diets) to give your dog optimal health. Add a red meat to your dog's diet as part of a rotation diet to ensure greater health.

Looking for a different option for a dog who has developed food sensitivities/ allergies (itchy skin), try the 3P Naturals Coho Salmon. Salmon can be considered a novelty protein for animals going through an elimination diet to figure out what protein is causing itching.

Certified Organic Coho Salmon from local Sechelt BC. All Natural. Sustaniably Raised.


• Organically farmed Coho Salmon

• Marine phytoplankton adds a great array of trace minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients
• Rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids
• Salmon is a low fat, high protein meat, great for animals that are susceptible to weight gain.


Organic Coho salmon with bone, lamb/venison heart, lamb liver, green leaf lettuce, bok choy, parsely, kale, fish oil, and marine phytoplankton.

**Added Liver for a balance of B-Vitamins

Made in Vancouver, BC.

Keep Frozen. * Pictures for 3P Coho Salmon mostly used to give an idea of actual 3P protein, texture and colour.