Cat - Cat Toys / Catnip / Grass

Playtime for your cat is part of building a healthy mind and body. It can also be a great time to bond with your feline friend as well. Take a look at our Go Cat Da Wild Thing rod and feather set for a way to help simulate hunting behaviour while playing with your kitty. Catit has a couple smart choices for a cat drinking fountain. Check out their LED Flower Cat Drinking Fountain and the Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain. Ensure your cat has fresh running water at all times. Filter refills are available as well. Take a look at our BeOneBreed Ceramic Cool Bowl for Cats, to help out your pet on those hot summer days. And of course we couldn’t leave out the catnip! We carry Giggle Grass’s Organic Catnip spray, Cosmic Cat Catnip Bubbles, and a variety of fun catnip filled cat toys. For an eco-friendly cat toy option there’s the Giggle Grass Hemp & Organic Catnip Toy. The 100% Organic Canadian Catnip is sold as a refills too! Canada-wide shipping is available on all these products!