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    Because surviving through being adaptable to carbohydrates and synthetic supplements is not the same as thriving on biologically appropriate living food for carnivores.
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About Us

Combining a love for our animals and good nutrition!

We have always been passionate about animals and good nutrition.

To us, our dog Shinji is a family member. Moonlight Dog Cafe was born out of our desire to have a place where our furry kids could socialize while ensuring they obtained the best in nutrition and quality pet care.

Our story started when we first met. She would (and still to this day) drive on the highway and shout “hi cows, hi horsey!” every time we drove by a farm. It was a little bit disconcerting for Eb as he was raised around animals but had never met anyone so ecstatic about animals. A few years later, we fell in love with a dog that we named Shinji and our every waking moment since has been about giving him the best food and to do all we can so that he is healthy and happy. That included not leaving him at home alone for long periods of time so we could work or go hang out with friends. 

His only flaw is like most of our furry companions, they do not live as long as we want. We’d rather not waste a moment! ~ Jo and Eb

Shaped by experience

When Shinji came home with us, he came with a starter bag of "puppy food" kibble, which we now know included inferior ingredients such as poultry by-products and corn gluten meal. Like most first-time dog parents, we trusted that all pet food would be made with the best quality ingredients and didn’t ask questions.

Shinji started becoming itchy around this time and we researched and chose several premium brands of grain-free dry dog food, since we believe in good nutrition in our lives so why not the same for our new family member. A year or so later, with this premium brand of dog food, Shinji was excessively chewing and licking different parts of his body. 

We went to our vet but felt like our veterinary care was more transactional than helpful. We changed to a holistic vet and months of testing followed as we sought ways of mitigating what we found out were allergies.

We switched him to raw dog food over six years ago and combined with desensitization shots stabilized his allergies. Ever since Shinji started eating quality raw food for dogs, we noticed that his coat was shinier, teeth cleaner, and he had less body odour. His environmental allergies are still a matter of constant work.

Based on our research and experience talking to holistic vets and a clinical pet nutritionist, we decided to carry a large selection of the best in all-natural, high quality raw pet food at our pet store, Moonlight Dog Cafe, and make the option of feeding raw as economical and convenient as possible. We aim to be the best Vancouver pet store for all your raw pet food needs!

Shinji Raw Food Progress

Why do we call it a 'dog cafe?'

Why do we call it “dog cafe” instead of a pet store?  As most pet owners know, it is a pain to not be able to take your ‘Fido’ everywhere in the city! Most of us live a very busy life, juggling work, house work and social life. We often run into situations where we want to bring our dog or adventurous cat to hang out with friends, but get turned away by the “no pets allowed” policy in most indoor places. If you want to catch up with some friends in cold weather or the patio is not an option, forget about bringing your dog or adventurous cat along! For dog owners who already work full-time, it’s always heart-breaking to have to leave your dogs at home… That’s why we wanted to provide a pet-friendly cafe environment where you can do all the things you want with your pet  – meeting friends, working on your laptop, studying, reading or just simply getting out of the house for a change! 

As part of the raw pet food store, there is seating area with free wi-fi and a library, so that you can chill out and potentially meet new people and pets!

We’ve also sourced the best in locally- made Vancouver pet supplies and products from artisans in Yaletown, East Vancouver and other parts of Vancouver!

Drop by our downtown Vancouver pet store in Yaletown (close to Gastown) and see the local gems we have found from and around Vancouver for you and your pets!

Our Commitment

Our commitment at Moonlight Dog Cafe is to source the best in all-natural, free-range, non-medicated meat from ethical suppliers whenever possible. We will keep up with our suppliers to ensure that the food we obtain is from sustainable and healthy farming practices. It is not enough to ensure that the food is as close to whole prey as possible; it should also be high quality food and not trims. 

Lending a Paw to Vancouver Rescues

We believe that loving and caring for a pet makes us better people. We are committed to working with rescues in and around Vancouver to ensure that rescued cats and dogs can find a loving home. Our goal is to emphasize “Adopt don’t shop” and build a Vancouver community aimed at supporting rescue efforts. Follow us on Facebook for more on how we are working with rescues. If you are a rescue organization and want to work with us, please contact us at contact@moonlightdogcafe.com or 604-559-3680.