Natural Instincts Raw Pet Food

Natural Instincts Raw Pet Food is a quality Canadian raw brand utilizing human grade and non-medicated meats. This raw pet food has no fillers or artificial preservatives. The meals also include fresh vegetables with an emphasis on leafy greens.

Natural Instincts Raw pet food ensures that most of the meats are free range and some certified organic or wild. For raw meals for cats that do not include bone, they are supplemented with Dr. Dobias GreenMin, a 100% natural, highly bio-available, whole food based calcium supplement. Like all the raw pet food, we bring into Moonlight Dog Cafe, this BC raw pet food is balanced and comes in a tube form. There are a number of myths surrounding feeding raw and more so about the quality of Canadian raw food diets for dogs and cats. At Moonlight Dog Cafe, we carry only the best quality raw pet food in Canada.