3P Naturals Raw Pet Food

When we started Moonlight Dog Cafe, we worked with a few quality raw frozen cat food brands of which 3P Naturals Raw Pet Food was one. Their facility is well kept and clean when we visit almost every week to pick up our typically made-to-order raw cat food. 3P Naturals Basic Instinct for cats is the best quality raw cat food brand.

3P Naturals has a wide variety of balanced raw food diet for cats. Their Natural raw food pet line are from animals raised without growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by products. They vary between free-run and free-range. 3P Natural employs a nutritionist who formulated their cat and dog raw food lines and is a useful reference for customers seeking information about adapting diets to specific health conditions. There are a number of myths surrounding feeding raw and more so about the quality of Canadian raw food diets for dogs and cats. At Moonlight Dog Cafe, we carry only the best quality raw pet food in Canada.