Raw Dog Food (Frozen)

Moonlight Dog Cafe Pet Store offers the best quality frozen and raw dog food brands on the market, ones that take great care in sourcing and formulating their pet foods. Brands such as BC's Best et food, Carnivora pet food, K9 Natural, Primal Pet Food, Red Dog Blue Kat, Spring Meadows, Steve’s Real Food, and more. We also offer raw bones, which unlike cooked bones, can be a safe and healthy addition to your pet’s diet, aiding in mental stimulation, teeth cleaning, and providing nutrient-dense marrow. We also offer pure vegetable blends from 3P Naturals Pet Foods and raw goat milk to help balance out your dog’s diet. See our raw dog food suppliers page for information on raw pet food sourcing and manufacturing. For the benefits of raw dog food, view our page "Why Feed Raw," and our Moonlight Pet Nutrition blog for more information. Have questions about what food to choose for your dog’s particular needs? Don’t hesitate to ask, or pop by the store in person so we can help you out. Want to order online? Note that we offer free delivery available in our Vancouver zones!